About Me


Beck&Forth Co. specializes in curating events throughout WNY and beyond with one of a kind styling, rentals and floral design. From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, Beck&Forth Co. is your full-service event design and boutique florist.

Hi there, I'm Sara Spoth, the owner here at Beck&Forth Co. I'm also the florist and event stylist. First, I am a wife and mother, then a business owner, my family comes first in everything. I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

I started Beck&Forth Co. after having my son, Beckett. I had quit my full-time job at Geico and closed my home furnishing shop at the same time in order to be a stay at home mom, which had always been a dream of mine. Shortly after my first year being a full-time mom, I realized I needed a creative outlet and a way to help support my family financially as well. In 2016, two of my best friends got married and I helped in styling their wedding. After I immediately had inquires for "event design/styling." Not long after, Beck&Forth Co. fell into place and after thirty years, I can finally say I have found my true passion. After styling my first few weddings, I knew this was what I was made for. And the best part, I still am able to continue as a stay at home mom, which was a must for me. 

I am self-taught in everything I do, even floral design, which is my favorite part! I taught myself at my kitchen island for a few months, and here I am. I am proof that if you want something bad enough, have the passion and drive, YOU can do anything.

Thank you for stopping by and learning a little about me.

Sara Spoth